Get Connected

We want you to feel connected at Hanover Community Church! 

Why is it important to connect with others?

Connection with others has been proven to help our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Those who are more connected are happier and healthier. Jesus tell us in Matthew 22:37-38 that the most important commandments are to love the Lord and to love others. 

When we keep these priorities, the structure of our life is solid.

How do I get connected at HCC?

Maybe you are new to church or haven’t had the time to make connections with others because of work and family obligations. 

Take time to pray about your need to connect and then reach out to our church staff. 

If you are here at Hanover Community Church and want to get connected, stop by the Welcome Desk or contact our Connections Ministry Leader, Cindi Wilmot. 

Contact our Connections Ministry Leader! 

Our Connections Ministry Leader, Cindi, is here on staff to make sure that you find your place at HCC! You can ask her all of your questions, and she will help you get connected to the best place for you at HCC!