Fusion Youth

Our goal is to create environments where 7th-12th grade students prioritize their relationship with Christ, influence their friends, and experience how God can use their life to impact their homes, schools, and communities.  We desire that every student is cared for and understands they are valued.  Ultimately, we want them to be authentic disciples who have the confidence to disciple their friends.

All students need to have an updated consent form on file for the CURRENT school year. These will be updated yearly.  Click the button to fill out the information.

Text Alerts will keep you informed about upcoming events and weather cancellations.

Sunday Nights

Fusion youth will gather twice a month at the church from 5-8pm to share a meal together, play fun games, & have a life application devotional time.  See the calendar below for upcoming dates! 

Adult Leaders

Adult leaders are available to listen, care, and model authentic faith for students.  Our activities have the purpose of outreach, growth, and equipping.  Ultimately, we desire the students live out their faith at home and school. 
If you would like to help in this area, please read the Child Safety Policy and then complete the Background Check Authorization and Adult Waiver and we will be in contact!